When I decided to move from Brazil to Australia, I was looking for a new life and new possibilities, but what I found were many challenges. Will it be good? Will it work? Will I be happy?

The answer to each and every one of these questions came in the shape of a tasty round hand-rolled chocolate treat, covered with sprinkles. When I make brigadeiros, I keep in touch with my history, I remember my family and I get closer to the immense Brazilian community in Australia. People who came searching for opportunities like I did. I also make new friends every single day.

The brigadeiros taught me to improvise, to create and to share. They also taught me that every order holds a wish that should be accomplished with quality, flavor and lots of love.

The result of all this ingredients mixed up together is a menu that changes all the time. So, if what you wish is not here, let’s talk. It may be a matter of hours.

Now, please excuse me because I still have many brigadeiros to make.