Sometimes the simplest things are the ones we miss most. Like walking barefoot in the park, having a lemon Popsicle on the beach, a tutti-frutti chewing gum, grandma’s cake… this is my clue.


Do you remember those incredibly simple and delicious cakes your grandma baked? They were made of real flour, real butter, real eggs (something completely different from those instant doughs that one just adds water and puts in the oven). These are the ones I want you to remember. A cake so simple and so true that melts in the mouth. A delicacy that fits any time of the day. 

A piece of cake makes all the sense in a weekend, with the family, in a rainy morning or in a sunny afternoon. It is perfect to share with friends and it is perfect for you. A perfect piece of cake is a remembrance of times when life was simpler and much sweeter.

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